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The Circuit Scribe conductive ink circuit pen on a white background. Our conductive pens are not sold separately and now can be easily replaced. These pends can draw up to 200 meters depending on the writing surface. With photo paper you can erase the ink.
Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pen

Conductive Ink Pen

From $9.99
The Circuit Scribe Super Kit with circuit modules, conductive pen, and circuit project notebook on a white background. The super kit takes circuit sketches to the next level. That next level includes light sensing, drawing circuits, and so much more.
Super Kit


The Circuit Scribe Basic Kit shows the included modules, notebook, and conductive ink pen on a white background. Entry level electronics kit. eight pages of circuit drawing projects.  Six modules are included.
Basic Kit


From $39.99 $46.99
The Circuit Scribe Ultra kit with conductive ink pen, circuit modules, and project book on a white background. Ultra kit helps you create dynamic and fun paper circuits that light up have sound and even move. Able to make complex hand-drawn circuits while using all the Circuit scribe technology.
Ultra Kit


The Circuit Scribe Inventors Notebook with circuit projects on a white background. Rectangular notebook with blue and white writing. This notebook covers many concepts of electronics.
Inventor's Notebook